Feb 28, 2011

Kaiser Poll: 22% Of Americans Believe Healthcare Law Was Repealed

Posted by: Neal Stehly

Politico (2/25, Haberkorn) reports, "Nearly half of all Americans believe the healthcare reform law has already been repealed or aren't sure one way or the other, a new Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows." The data indicate that "fifty-two percent of Americans believe -- correctly -- that the law has not been repealed," although "22 percent think the law has been repealed, and 26 percent aren't sure."

        TPM Media (2/25, Terbush) reports, "The results are a shocking finding given how contentious -- and highly publicized -- the battle over healthcare reform has been. Republicans made dismantling the healthcare overhaul a central plank of their midterm platform." Meanwhile, "as the 2012 presidential race heats up, healthcare looks poised to be a central issue in that contest as well."

        Kaiser Health News (2/25, Rau) says that the poll was conducted "after the Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted to repeal the law last month, and two federal judges ruled the law was unconstitutional." Confusion about the law on the part of some respondents may be due somewhat to "extensive media coverage of these events."

        The Huffington Post (2/25, Linkins) reports that according to the Kaiser Family Foundation's Drew Altman, the poll's findings suggest that "there may be some partisan wishful thinking going on; 30 percent of Republicans think the law has been repealed while only 12 percent of Democrats do." Yet, "overall, it is obvious that the knowledge of basic civics is pretty low. Maybe it's because 'Schoolhouse Rock' is no longer airing on Saturday morning TV explaining how government works."

        The Hill (2/25, Millman) reports in its "Healthwatch" blog, "The poll indicates trouble for the White House's efforts to sell the reform law to the public as Republicans work to undo President Obama's major legislative achievement. The House voted last month to repeal the law, but an early February repeal vote in the Democratic-controlled Senate failed along party lines." The Hill adds, "The Senate vote proved it will be virtually impossible to pass outright repeal of the law over the next two years, but Republicans are using different tactics," such as a vote to defund implementation of the law, "to chip away at what they call a government takeover of the healthcare system."

        The CBS News (2/25, Condon) "Political Hotsheet" blog reports, "Kaiser's poll shows that more Americans, 48 percent, have an unfavorable view of the laws than hold a favorable view (43 percent)." About "four in 10 want the reform package repealed, though half of those respondents want it replaced with a Republican alternative." In contrast, 22% of respondents said that the healthcare law should be implemented in its entirety, while 30% felt that the law does not go far enough. CBS adds, "When asked about specific, key provisions of the new law, even those who want it repealed say they would keep most of the law's individual elements," such as eliminating the Medicare doughnut hole. Notably, the individual mandate remained the most unpopular provision of the law, with 52% of respondents saying that it should be repealed.

        Modern Healthcare (2/25, Zigmond, subscription required) reports that Kaiser investigators who conducted the poll concluded, "As has been true since early in the debate, individual provisions of the new law are more popular than the law itself, complicating the debate over repeal." The Wall Street Journal (2/24, Hobson) "Health Blog," the NPR (2/24, Hensley) "Shots" blog, and The Atlantic (2/24) also covered the story.

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